Monday, August 3, 2009

Bronx Woman Nabbed In 90-Year-Old Man's Murder

olice say a Bronx woman has been arrested in the killing of a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor in his apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side, CBS 2 HD has learned.

The woman has been identified as 30-year-old Angela Murray of 1246 Crosby Ave. Details surrounding her arrest have not yet been released.

Murray's being charged with the murder of Guido Felix Brinkmann, who was found in his bed with his hands bound Thursday. The medical examiner said he was asphyxiated.

Murray is also facing robbery charges.

Investigators said Brinkmann was in the habit of inviting younger women to his apartment for sex. His doorman told police a man and a woman went to the home the night before he was found dead. They were later seen leaving in his car from the basement garage.

Brinkmann was the former owner of the Adam's Apple, a disco-era nightclub.

Brinkmann was a survivor of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp and was well-known around Manhattan for his time running the popular disco in the 1970s.

Others in Brinkman's building said he was well-liked by all.

"He was a terrific guy ... a friendly guy," said one resident.

Brinkmann was a close friend of famed ex-NYPD Det. Bo Dietl, who also spent years as a security consultant. Dietl called Brinkmann, who was his son's Godfather, an "amazing man," and was the person who notified police officials that he hadn't heard from Brinkmann in a while.

Ron Buchter, who lives in the building, said Brinkmann undoubtedly had a fulfilling life before his tragic end.

"He had a full life, even with the Adams Apple," Buchter said. "The Upper East Side 30 to 40 years ago was the epicenter of the world in terms of the 1960's revolution."

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