Friday, July 31, 2009

Nazi survivor, Guido Brinkmann, 90, slain on upper E. Side

From the Daily News by Kerry Burke, Alison Gendar, AND Simone Weichselbaum:

An Auschwitz survivor who went on to found one of Manhattan's hottest clubs of the disco era was discovered bound and bludgeoned to death last night in his upper East Side apartment, police said.

Guido Felix Brinkmann, 90, who owned Adam's Apple in the 1970s, was discovered in his E. 65th St. apartment around 5 p.m. - he was fully clothed, his hands bound behind him and his head was drenched in blood, police said.

"The super found him," said a source. "Face down on the floor in the bedroom."

Brinkmann was close to famed ex-NYPD detective turned security consultant Beau Dietl, who called Brinkmann "a remarkable man."

"He was an Auschwitz survivor - he met his wife there. She died just last year. Not bitter. An amazing man," said Dietl, 58.

"He was on the line to be killed, and they pulled him off the extermination line four times," said Dietl, who hailed Brinkmann as the godfather of his son.

"He survived and these creeps killed him," Dietl said.

Police sources said they believe Brinkmann let a man and woman into his apartment who then robbed the elderly man.

Police said there were no signs of a break-in and Brinkmann's apartment door was open, his drawers were pulled out and the rooms were ransacked.

Cops said they later learned that Brinkmann's Honda Accord - with the distinctive plate FELIXB - was missing from the building's garage.

Police said they had received a 911 call from Dietl asking them to check on Brinkmann, and a relative met with officers when they arrived at the building, sources said.

Neighbors said they were shocked to see detectives walking through their hallways.

"This is New York," said lawyer Ken Fields. "But it is always surprising when it happens in your own backyard."

Fields pointed out that the doorman routinely phones residents to ask permission to send visitors up to apartments.

"This is a very safe building," he said.

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