Friday, July 24, 2009

Jewel Thieves Pull Switcheroo in Grand Central

Three crafty thieves pulled off a slinky swap at Grand Central Terminal in June, getting away with $120,000 worth of jewelry, according to reports. Authorities have released images of one of the suspects, hoping it will prompt tips from the public.

MTA Police say two employees of My Oro USA Inc. were shepherding hundreds of pieces of jewelry in a black duffel through Grand Central on June 24 when the worker carrying the bag momentarily put it down to throw out some trash.

Then two thieves made their move. The suspects tossed a $10 bill on the ground, told the other jewelry employee that he had dropped the money, creating a diversion.

An accomplice then switched the jewelry bag with one very similar to it, and took off. The switched bag was weighted down to seem like it contained the jewels.

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